Cate Dingley
"Ezy Ryders"

Exhibition at The Royal Theatre Arts Club April 13th – June 30 2023

Rob Hann exploring the spaces in between.

A short film about Rob Hann's exploration of the magic in the spaces in between cooperate America, his inspiration and creative process.

Cate Dingley &
The Artist Edition's

Kickstarter campaign for Cate Dingley's first monograph "Ezy Ryders" about NYC’s African-American motorcycle clubs was funded on Dec 17 2021. We are excited to start the production in Jan 2022 which you can follow here.


Andre D. Wagner

In-between moments


Niels Ackermann

Looking for Lenin and other work.

Online Exhibition

Karabo Mooki

‘Dogg pound days are over’


October 2020

Joseph Rodriguez 'LAPD 1994'

“LAPD1994” shows policing in the historic working class communities of LA through Joseph Rodriguez’ lens – while policing is at the focus, it also tells a story of a society that has abandoned its duty to protect its citizens from poverty and the social problems associated with it. 

Online Exhibition

Thomas Schenk

Joseph Rodriguez: In his own words.


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Thomas Schenk

Oct 1 – Nov 20, 2020

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